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How to reach Port Jabłonka

Our place is located in a little village called Jabłonka, 180 kilometres from Warsaw, 18 km from Nidzica city, 40 km from Olsztyn, 190 km from Gdańsk.

Please note, that there are eleven different “Jabłonka” in Poland! The one that you’re searching for is in Nidzica county. 🙂

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Port Jabłonka - Wróblewski Family

Room reservations: +48 535 344 273

Arrangements: +48 500 173 316

Jabłonka 36a 13-100 Nidzica

By Car

Take the road to Nidzica, then follow along to Napiwoda. At the end of Napiwoda you will see a sign towards Jabłonka; take a turn to the left and you will enter the National Park area. Please be careful and slow down, you are likely to meet a lot of wild animals on the way.

By Train

Take a train to Nidzica, then a small local bus to Jabłonka. Timetables are changing throughout the season, let us know and we will check it for you. We have a new train station – now It’s only 1h 50min with a train from Warsaw!

By Bus

It takes around 3h 30min from Warsaw to Nidzica, depending on the traffic. It is definitely possible but we recommend you to take a comforable and cheap train instead.

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